When you choose Safeguard you are choosing someone you can trust to objectively and independently provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your home’s major systems and components. I use state of the art equipment including moisture meters, temperature sensors, and an infrared camera.
Safeguard is fully insured, professionally trained and experienced with an extensive background in construction. Safeguard takes pride in the peace of mind and education they provide each and every client.

Fully Insured

Your dealings with Safeguard Home Inspections comes with guaranteed quality and accuracy that is fully insured

Sample Report

A detailed example of the quality you can expect from the final report.

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Inspection Agreement

All the details and stipulations when undertaking inspection work with us.

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SOP / Ethics

Read about the Standards of Practice and Ethics of CAHPI, our governing body

More Details

Safeguard was established in Vancouver in 1995. Safeguard is an independent incorporated company.

Safeguard has been operating in Halifax since 2002.Safeguard’s mission is to provide consumers with professional advice to allow them to make informed decisions regarding the prospective purchase of their potential home. Safeguard provides objective evaluations in a professional and easily understandable manner, with a careful attention to detail. Safeguard will represent your interests and understands that accurate understandable information is essential for you to make informed decisions regarding your investment.

Safeguard will perform a comprehensive visual inspection of the readily accessible components of the building and the property. The inspection will aid in determining the components that are not performing adequately as well as items that are beyond their useful life or are unsafe. The inspector will identify areas where repairs may be needed or where there may have been problems in the past.Safeguard will provide a detailed digital report with appropriate photos the same day the inspection is performed.

The report will be easily understood by a layperson.The report will adhere and comply to a comprehensive set of standards and practices and code of ethics outlined by the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors. (CAHPI)Clients are encouraged to attend the inspection. Attending the inspection will allow the inspector to describe the findings, explain the consequences and recommend courses of action.The inspector will be available to all clients throughout the ownership of their property.

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